Great new Kettlebell and lifting gloves!

27 April 2011

Kettlebell workouts going well!

I've been really making some progress with my Kettlebell work. I now can do a Turkish Get-up with a 32kg x1 left and right......and I haven't practiced with anything heavier than a 16kg. I'm also up to 60sets on my VO2max day, I could actually do more but my hands have had enough by the time I reach 60 sets..... So, I ordered some new gloves and I'll be giving a review on them as soon as they arrive.

I'll be blogging more about my workouts and posting some more pictures soon. Hopefully, I'll be posting some workout videos of some of my routines too.

Until then "Let's get it done!"

08 February 2011

The results of my Year of Kettlebell work

After a year of hard work and much learning....I have almost achieved my body fat percentage goal of single digit body fat! I've only used Kettlebells, Ropes, TRX, BOSU, and various body weight exercises to achieve this. Of course watching what I'm eating is very important......I currently eat around 2200 to 2500 calories and try to burn around 2700 to 3200 calories a day.

I'm now at 10.2% at 186lbs. I still plan on getting down to 175lbs of body I still have a little more work to do.

23 September 2010

My new KB routine!

I back in the gym !! This will be my new routine:

Don't try this at home or anywhere without knowing how to do these exercises. If possible work with a Certified Kettlebell instructor.....RKC, HKC or if possible Steve Maxwell. I'm planning to get certified by Steve as soon as he gives a class that I'll be able to attend.

Monday: Light
Tuesday: Bodyweight/ TRX exercises
Wednesday: Medium
Thursday: Bodyweight/ TRX exercises
Friday: Heavy
Joint/Mobility Movements:
Neck, shoulders, wrists, waist, hips, knees, ankles

16kg KB Warmup: (30sec in a clockwise direction, then counter-clockwise)
1. Around the Body Pass
2. Halos
3. Figure 8s
4. Good Morning Stretch (10 reps)
5. Turkish Get Up (3 reps L/R)

Light: (3 Rounds) 120sec rest between rounds
1 Round
16kg Single Arm Swings Left (10 reps)
16kg Single Arm Swings Right (10 reps)
16kg Alternating Swings (10 reps)
16kg Snatches Left (5 reps)
16kg Snatches Right (5 reps)

Medium: (3 Rounds) 120sec rest between rounds
1 Round
16kg Alternating Swings (10 reps)
16kg Squats (10 reps)
16kg Hot Potato
16kg Alternating Swings (10 reps)
16kg Hot Potato
16kg Swing Squats (10 reps)

Heavy: (3 rounds) 120sec rest between rounds
1 Round
24kg 2Hand Arm Swings (10 reps)
24kg Deadlifts (10 reps)
24kg 1Hand Arm Swings Left (5 reps)
24kg 1Hand Arm Swings Right (5 reps)
16kg Squat Thrusts (10 reps)
16/24kg Uneven Farmers Walk
16/24kg Uneven Renegade Rows

Cool Down:
Legs over-the-head rolls to standing position
Yoga pushup to arched back stretch
Hip Flexor stretch
Bodyweight Exercises: (10 Reps, 3 rounds)
Burpee to Legs over-the-head rolls to standing position
Handstand prep Pushups
TRX Exercieses:
TRX Pendulums
TRX Lunging Knee raises L/R
TRX Chest Press
TRX Atomic pushups
TRX Standup Leaning Pull-ups

25 July 2010

My Gym!

My Kettlebell Gym

This is what my current gym looks like minus the TRX and BOSU. I have 4 competition style Kettlebells, and some Dragon Door kettlebells as well. I started using competition kettlebells when I first started training, but now prefer the Dragon Door since they are more compact and geared HardStyle Kettlebell training as taught by the HKC and RKC certifications. I do like using the competition KB's for two handed swings and when introducing people to the kettlebell for the first few times (smoother handle and bright colors seam to keep them interested and coming back).

I currently like using two kettlebells (16kg Dragon Door) for most of my work. As I get stronger I'll start doing more work with the 24kg. Before my hamstring injury, I was up to about 67 snatches with the 24kg in 5 minutes, but my form still needed some work. It has been (at least) 3 weeks, since I've trained, and my strength and conditioning has gone down a lot. I hope to be back training regularly this week.....Hamstring permitting. Meanwhile, keep focused and keep training!

14 July 2010

Awesome advanced Kettlebell routine!

An awesome  Kettlebell routine that taxes your whole body in a specific order

You can cut each minute to 30 secs (of work) and 30 secs (of rest). Work your way up to the full 22 minutes. This is an semi-advanced should be familiar with every exercise before trying this routine.

22 Minute Single Kettlebell Warrior Workout
 By Steve Maxwell, MS, RKC

Steve Maxwell has spent over 35 years in the fields of wrestling, grappling, and physical training and remains at the forefront of fitness innovation. Steve is the first person certified to teach Gracie Jiu Jitsu in the USA and is the first American to earn a black belt from Relson Gracie. [1]

Steve Maxwell was the first man to teach kettlebell classes in the United States. He has a long history of competitive grappling. He wrestled competitively through high school and college, and then in the US Army. Steve holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from West Chester State University, in Pennsylvania.[3]

My future KB and TRX workout plan

Currently I'm recovering from a pulled hamstring/glute.....  Because of this I'll be adding more core and stretching to my future workouts!

My future workout will be something like this:

20-30min Kettlebell routine 3 times a week (M-W-F) Medium, Light and Heavy

This will strengthen my weak Functional muscle groups and give me explosive power for any activity.....(Core and Grip strength)...also provide my cardio conditioning.

20-30min of TRX and bodyweight exercises 3 times a week (Tue-Thur-Sat) also some yoga in there somewhere.

This will improve my core strength, flexibility, and joint mobility and allow me to lift heavier kettlebells.